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Finding it here is a walk on the beach.

Created by Fire Islanders, for Fire Islanders, the Fire Island Finder is the most comprehensive, fastest growing guide to the all the towns and Villages of the island.

If you want to find anything or be found, the Fire Island Finder is the place to look.

Find Town profiles, Town Maps, Ferry Schedules, Train Schedules, Directions, Sightseeing, Weather reports - find it all. Whether you own, rent your home, or are just visiting, find out what there is to see, do, buy, and where to get it.

Find the Businesses that service all the towns-on or off the island. Arranged in our Directory by town and by category, the FI Finder will help you find everything you need to enjoy life on one of the world's top ten beaches.

If you are a business owner on Fire Island or service Fire Islanders from the mainland, we can direct more customers to you. Our customers are eager to find you, ready to shop. Add your business to our Directory in minutes-it's easy and free.

Want a presence on the web? We can create a custom web page for you. If you have a website of your own, you can hotlink many more customers to your site. Find out how easy it is to join our on line community.


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